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Fascinating “dream”

So I did a session of GSSY when I got home and I fell off to sleep. I had an interesting 2-part dream but only part will be related. I was on a spaceship and these people had developed a movie with the purpose of waking people up. They said people were so far asleep they had to be pulled up a long way.

They discussed that the next universe to enter would be very unpleasant, but with enough awareness, we could change to another one instead. 

They said that moving between universes was a delicate process – that it was like getting two spinning wheels to touch at just one point.

Regarding the evening meditation

I am committed to doing absolutely nothing and expecting absolutely nothing. Just following the simple directions as best I can.

Normally, it seems like I can never keep my focus as high as the 3rd eye but I keep trying. And tonight, there was a significant pulsing inwards to the 3rd eye.

And a few odd visions during the meditation.



2nd signpost approached

This video –
describes physical manifestations as Kundalini moves up.

I definitely cleared the first signpost. Of course it’s funny to say “I” did anything. All I did was simply maintain focus on the image of Guru Siyag and mentally repeat the mantra.

Now the second signpost almost occurred. I would say there was some locking in the chest and neck area.

I think as long as my focus continues, I should be able cross into the magick 3rd manifestation… let’s see!

if the divine resides at the crown why do we focus on the ajna?

In this video –

It is stated the divine resides at the crown.

If that is the case, why do we focus on the 3rd eye?

samadhi i love you

Listening to a lecture of Guru Siyag before starting meditation seems to work quite well.

Last night’s meditation was a wonderful samadhi. Today, I am fighting with some memories of my room-mate laughing at a TV show. For some reason, the memory of her laughter echoes over and over in my head. It is competing for time with my japa jap. Perhaps if I had not started the japa jap, it would never have come up as an issue?

Also note that supposedly Theravada Buddhism has the solution for people like me who crave samadhi – the buddha came up with insight meditation because he noted that even samadhi states were temporary.

japa jap to ajapa jap – the realisation

Guru Siyag has said it over and over again. He speaks of 7 layers of the body. Now he also insists that you repeat the mantra round the clock to progress on this path, but how many people do it? And why is it important? It’s very simple. Although first you might start out by chanting the mantra somewhat physically (a bit of involuntary tongue movement) and somewhat mentally (thinking about the mantra as opposed to just intoning it, eventually the supramental bodies (to put it in Sri  Aurobindo Ghose terminology) will take over the chanting.

And then that happens, you will experience again and again the tendency to perceive and japa jap using the mental and sub-mental layers of your being.

And so basically you just keep improving your ability to chant the mantra using the supramental koshas.

Good luck.

Ask the Anahata!

I studied a tremendous email from Jui closely.

I then wrote a ton of answers and questions, etc.

I realized that real freedom exists in having no dependencies of any sort.

I further realized that all hankerings are junior the the anahata naad.

I developed an inquiry method:

  1. sit down and visualize guru siyag’s image at 3rd eye
  2. chant a few rounds of the mantra until the naad shows up
  3. drop into a state of no-need
  4. should anything appear (idea of having a body, a thought, a sensation) ask the anahata nada how it created it.
  5. this will dissolve that appearance, because all appearances are junior to the naad

So, I did this method. I began to feel “ants” crawing all over – my feet, back, face, etc. Each time I would ask the anahata naad about the origin of these ants, they would disappear.
It’s pretty hard work to convince yourself that you are not your annamaya kosha after years of daily conditioning. But this inquiry technique helped quite a bit.

A tremendous email from Jui

There is a lot of wisdom in this email from Jui Pagedar. Read it and reflect:

Hi Terrence,

Sorry it took so long to answer. I should be getting a better net connection in the next few days and so should be able to answer your mails regularly.

I’m not analytical about my experiences during meditation. Some practitioners do try to read into or analyze their experiences or try to relate it to world experiences. Off late I’ve been trying to simply become a witness to experiences (and even life to some extent): instead of being excited or disappointed by any experience I try to remain neutral. I have found that extremities of all kinds (happiness-sadness) brings only more confusion instead of clarity.

So, as far as experience during meditation is concerned, I try to just be; or like you said just keep going.

As far as the chanting is concerned, I have a few questions: Why did you freak out when the chanting became automatic? Also, I remember you saying that you hear the Anahad Naad. Do you hear it clearly? Have you tried concentrating on it?

As far as watching TV shows while chanting is concerned, its fine I suppose. Gurudev does say that do the chanting through all activities. Make sure that you are chanting consciously and not in an absent-minded way. It is not really how much you chant but with how much intensity that really matters.



On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 9:03 PM, Terrence Brannon <> wrote:

Oftentimes, when I do this meditation, I see a dark tunnel and it seems that lights are moving down the tunnel at a slow rate.

I really dont know what to do at this point.

I suppose the answer is the same as always: ‘just keep chanting, surrender to the Mother Force and wait and see what happens’